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"Back during the height of the Rebellion I heard a Special Operations man describe a Star Destroyer as 174,000 design flaws waiting to be exploited."

-- Talon Karrde (Specter of the Past)

Set the way-back machine for the mid-eighties and you would witness the first publication of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by a company called West End Games. Dispensing with funky shaped dice, levels, and character classes, the West End Game was easy to learn and captured the feel (for the most part) of the movies.

The D6 system used by the WEG game went through several changes as it applied to the Star Wars game. We tend to play with a hybrid of rules, basing our games on First Edition, but using Second edition rules when they offer improved game play. The Second Edition: Revised and Expanded was more of a patch to Second Edition than a major update of the rules. All the changes were made available online for free.

As the Star Wars Universe expanded, WEG had trouble keeping up, both with expansions and rules, and financially. The D6 system tried to expand source material and rules to keep up with an endless flow of new books and comics adding to the Star Wars myth. In the end, WEG couldn't keep up with the demands of the Star Wars license. Wizards of the Coast, formerly TSR, Inc., now owns the Star Wars License and have published a new Star Wars RPG based on their D20 core rules (which are based on Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition rules). Wizards of the Coast has also given up on publishing new D20 Star Wars material. The License is now held by Fantasy Flight games using a proprietary game system.

The WEG material is out of print. Many of the game books can still be found on ebay at reasonable prices. Whether the new Fantasy Flight version will succeed is yet to be seen.

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