Uther Stardracon



Race:                Human

Age:                  20

Height:              1.8m

Weight:             77kg


Appearance:       Light brown hair and brown eyes.


Lightsaber:       The core of the beam is red with orange outside, like fire. The hilt is 31cm in length and is silver in color. It is similar in shape to Ulic Qel-droma's lightsaber on the cover of the TOTJ Companion.





Uther is the son of Jedi Knight Tavla Stardracon. Tavla was struck down while she was defending their home against a dark warrior on the planet Drammer IV. His grandmother, Jedi Master Abbie de Salvo raised him from the age of six ultil he was 18. It was she that first instructed him in the ways of the Jedi. He then went to Ossus to train with Master Olg Tav in the healing ways of the Jedi.