Rhys Saxon



        Rhys was born with a pontite crystal as a rattle and grew up being groomed to be the heir to his father’s estate on Pelagon.  As early as age 2 Rhys showed signs of having Jedi skills as his grandfather had before.  After being identified as having Jedi skills Rhys was given some basic training and tutoring by Sir Mave Orddan, a Knight in the Saxon family fold.   Rhys was a stubborn, and impatient pupil and Sir Orddan had to constantly push Rhys to do his studies and follow-thru with his technical studies.  At 16, Rhys discovered girls and this added to Sir Orddan’s trouble in keeping his pupil on track. It was also around this time that Rhys finally built his own lightsaber in the typical tradition of Pelagon.  Rhys seemed to quickly take to the lightsaber and the various methods of defense and combat.   At 17, Rhys met and fell in love with Aila Rinone, a commoner with no royal blood in her family.  This angered Rhys’ father greatly and he forbade them to see each other.  However, Rhys and Aila saw quite a lot of each other over the next year and a half.  After Rhys turned 19, his father decided to send Rhys to Ossus to train under Sir Orddan’s Master, Jarrick Ozzun.  Rhys’ father was thinking that the added distraction of Aila might be a problem with his Jedi studies.  The night before Rhys left to go to Ossus, he spent it with Aila and they eloped and got married and Aila took the Saxon name.


Rhys then left for Ossus and it was on this journey to expand his knowledge of the Force that Sir Orddan shared with Rhys a vision he had through the Force.   Sir Orddan told Rhys about a vision of an unknown and unrecognizable Jedi Knight fighting a group of what appeared to be many people of unknown origin and several different races in an unknown place.  Sir Orddan related that he was not clear of the outcome of this battle and he also was not clear of who the Jedi Knight was.  The one thing Orddan told Rhys he was sure of was that the battle seemed to hold some important implications for Rhys or Orddan and that for some reason or another it was a turning point of great personal significance.  Sir Orddan told Rhys to stay as close as possible to Jarrick Ozzun.  Rhys also decided to share the information about Aila with Sir Orddan and instructed him not to tell anyone about it until his return from Ossus.   


        Meanwhile back on Pelagon, unknown to Rhys, after 9 months, Aila gave birth to their son, Rurik Saxon.  So far Aila has lived in fear of Rhys’ Father and has not disclosed her marriage with Rhys or told many others about the situation other than the High Priestess that married them and a few very close friends.   Rhys has been on Ossus now for nearly a year and has not had any contact with his family back on Pelagon or with Aila. He also is not aware that the ship carrying Sir Orddan back to Pelagon turned up missing and is feared lost.   The last several months he has been training with Jarrik Ozzun and has met many Jedi from many different parts of the galaxy and of many races of people.