The Abduction


Star Wars

Rebellion Era


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

The destruction of the Death Star was a great victory for the Rebel Alliance. It ignited a wave of pro-Rebellion sentiment in many sections of the galaxy. One world that immediately chose to secede from the Empire was Seltos, whose people routed the Imperial garrison and appealed to the Alliance for assistance. In the intervening months, the Rebellion has opened diplomatic relations with the newly-allied world in an effort to bring it into the fold before the Empire's attention is fully focused on recapturing it. But as a group of Rebel heroes is about to discover, the Empire has many ways of "conquering" worlds…

Harn: Are you finished unlocking the door, yet?
Ulric: I would be if you would quit asking me that.
Harn: Why do we have break in to the Magister of Trade's office anyway? Why don't we just go to her home and interrogate her?
Ulric: Don't you ever pay attention at the briefings? Sinya Deboora, the Magister, is only suspected of being an Imperial spy. We have to find some kind of proof before we go around making accusations.
Harn: I just think it would be a lot easier to show her the wrong end of this (holds up blaster) and see what see has to say. < /td>
Ulric: Easier, maybe. But since we're trying to convince the people of Seltos that we're the good guys, it probably wouldn't look too good if we got caught intimidating one of their top government officials… especially if it turns out that she's innocent.
Harn: Innocent. Sure. Did you hear something? (Looks down hallway.)
Ulric: No. I'm sure Chev and Alexis will give us plenty of warning if anyone comes onto this floor.
Harn: I guess so. I'd just feel better if I was guarding the drop-tubes. Too bad I didn't fit the janitor uniforms.
Ulric: Uh-huh. Keep in mind that if any of the security guards do catch us you can't kill them. They're on our side now. Try to remember that.
Harn: Hey, it's me.
Ulric: I know.
Harn: I just wish I could've been here two months ago when they drove the Imperial garrison out of town. I bet that was fun. I'm surprised the Empire hasn't come back and flattened this place.
Ulric: The Imperials are powerful, but they can't be everywhere at once. Seltos is too remote for an effective demonstration, but I'm sure they'll deal with it soon enough. That's why we're here. To find out if Deboora is a spy, and whether she's in contact with the Imperial resistance…(pauses)…I think I've just about bypassed the locking mechanism…
Harn: (looking down hallway again) Someone's coming. I'm sure of it this time…
(At far end of hallway, around corner.)
Alexis: Hello, Mr. Guard, sir. We were just finishing cleaning the rest of the rooms on this floor.
Chev: What? Why no, we didn't hear anything down that corridor. Isn't that the one that leads to the MAGISTER OF TRADE'S OFFICE?