Evergreen Cutaway
Rhysling Cutaway

Star Wars

Rebellion Era

Berkeen: Script

The scene opens on the planet Tadamal, an industrialized world somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories. The camera reveals a bustling urban street, teeming with beings of all shapes and sizes moving rapidly about their business. The street is a noisy multilevel chaos of speeders and ground-effect vehicles flying along in both directions. The sidewalk is shoulder to shoulder. The camera focuses in on a small group pushing it's way through the crowd. A Wookiee is in the lead, followed closely by a human male and a Mon Calamari. Slung casually over the Wookiee's shoulder is a young blonde human female, apparently in a state of advanced unconsciousness…
Ulric: How much farther is it to the spaceport?
Chaar: Will you stop asking me that? I told you a few minutes ago we're almost there.
Ulric: That's exactly my point. You said we were almost there ten blocks ago.
Chev: Relax. We'll get there.
Ulric: I can't relax. I keep thinking about all the people back at that hotel that saw us and might have called the authorities.
Chaar: That's why we're walking, remember? It would be too easy for the police to trace us if we took public transportation. Besides, who's going to call the cops when some spice pushing Twilek slaver gets a few limbs broken?
Ulric: I'm sure that Twilek has friends. What about the slicer Alexis said he was going to refer us to?
Chev: Ulric's right. The slicer was supposed to be a good source for the bootleg Astromech droids we were sent here to get. If the Twilek managed to get a call out before we caught up with him…
Ulric: …he could have people following us by now. (Looks behind him into the crowd.) How much farther is it to the spaceport?
Chaar: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…
Chev: (quickly, to Ulric) On another subject, do you think you'll be able to wake Alexis up when we get to the ship?
Ulric: I'm not sure. Whatever the Twilek slipped in her drink was pretty powerful. I'm afraid to try counteracting it with a medpac until I can find out more about it. Hopefully the ship's medical bay will give me a better chance at figuring out what the drug is.
Alexis: (moans in her sleep) Cro-mag.
Chev: I hope so. She's the one who supposedly has contacts on this world. Without her we may have a tough time buying those astromechs on the black market.
Chaar: (Snorts.) Huh. Contacts. I wonder if all her so-called contacts will try to kidnap her and sell her into slavery?
Ulric: Probably not after word gets out about what you did to that Twilek. You could've at least let me give him a painkiller.
Chaar: Letting him live was charity enough.
Ulric: You know, when I heard they were asking for volunteers to go pick up some DROIDS I thought it was a pretty safe bet that there wouldn't be any unnecessary violence.
Chaar: Oxymoron.
Ulric: Be that as it may, I still think it was completely uncalled for to…(stops talking and looks behind him again)…I'm telling you there's somebody following us.
Chaar: Will you please just drop it? Look there's the spaceport at the end of the block.
Chev: Actualy I'm afraid Ulric may be right…