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Player Characters

Star Wars

Rebellion Era

Lords of the Expanse Campaign

WEG D6 (GM: Dave)

Now You See Them, Now You Don't

It was deathly quiet except for the pecking sound. It was dark except for the small luminous glow spilling from the data pad screen onto the features of a young human male in his mid 20's. The tall, thin man was hunched over a datapad that was connected to a personal palmtop size computer that was in turn connected to an access terminal that was in turn connected to a mainframe computer somewhere up on the 15th floor of Colonial News Net's main Corporate Sector office.

The man was intently pecking away instructions into his computer. This is what he loved to do best. He felt almost dissappointed that the security network in this system was not as good as he had expected to find. 'Leave it to the Rebels to botch up security', he thought. 'Botch this up just like when you botched up the attack on the planetary shield building my Father was in on Coruscant.' 'When that happened, my whole life changed and in one brief moment I went from becoming a rich Coruscanti aristocrat to a poor womprat from Etti IV.' The last of the commands was now tapped in and all he had to do was hit the enter button. This was it! The blood coursed through his veins like a Ryloth heat storm. 'This', he thought, 'Must be the same feeling of intense excitement that some feel when piloting a starfighter in an intense space battle, or piloting a swoop at breakneck pace through the lower street level on Coruscant, or even a pod racer through the twists and turns of a course on Malastare.'

He tapped the key and watched his handiwork unfold on the screens in front of him. It happened in an instant. 'That will teach you, Colmar, to mess with a Dornick', he thought, 'Especially Jarrod Dornick!' His work now done, Jarrod packed up his equipment and crawled back out of the access tunnel into the darkness beyond Jarrod felt rather pleased with himself. 'It will take them awhile to determine what happened with all those credits.', Jarrod mused to himself, 'They'll never trace it to me!'

* * *

Six months later, Jarrod, was sitting quite comfortably in a new Kamarrian Bloodsniffer jacket, sipping a Bonadan whiskey, in the nicest tapcafe on Etti IV. Jarrod had made a good living for himself lately. Working for Kuat Drive Yards had its' advantages. He was on retainer with them and he had made a few good scores lately. Right now, Jarrod just wanted to relax. He was gazing around the tapcafe when he spotted a familiar figure approach. Davaire Colmar approached and plopped down in the empty seat accross from Jarrod, while dropping a datapad on the table in front of Jarrod.

"Hello, Jarrod.", said Colmar, "Surprised to see me?"

"You could say that.", Jarrod replied while his eyes darted all over the tapcafe searching for Colmar's backup. 'Strange,', he thought, 'I don't see any.'

Colmar continued, "I seemed to have a little trouble leaving Etti IV the last time I was here. It seemed that my Corporate Sector bank account developed a leak. You wouldn't know anything about that now, would you?"

Jarrod quickly shot back, "No! Why do you ask?"

Colmar replied, "No reason. Just thought you might have some insight or two on that considering your talents."

"What talents would that be?", Jarrod asked coyly.

Colmar gestured around the room when he replied. "I don't know, maybe if you paid attention to your surroundings more, then you might understand the suggestion."

Jarrod again glanced around the room. "I really don't know what you're ta . . .", he stopped suddenly as his eyes drifted to what was on the datapad screen in front of him.

Colmar leaned close and said, "You know there are others that would appreciate your talents more than your current employer."

Jarrod replied while scanning the screen, "Yeah and would these people pay as well?"

Davaire said, "Well, you have to consider the whole compensation package for your services."

Jarrod, looking at the datapad, read-

-- Four months ago, Merr-Sonn- copy data file on new military blaster rifle, Tagge Company- sale of large shipment of speeder bikes to the Empire/divert 10 bikes to KDY, Cybot Galactica-sale of 2,000 3PO droids to Millennium Entertainments/ divert 50 to KDY, Cargo train shipment of processed ore from Karflo Corporation/ divert 10% of the shipment to KDY.

This was everything Jarrod had done that month!

Jarrod recovered, "Um, what package would that be?"

"You must realize that your talents will be put to good use in helping all beings throughout the galaxy overcome oppression and tyranny!", said Colmar in his best Rebellion recruitment tone.

Jarrod continued looking over the datapad-

--Two months ago, Trigdale Metallurgy- set up an illegal account and redirected radioactive storage containers to KDY, Corellian Engineering Corporation- sale of large shipments of starship engines bound for Tallaan shipping/ divert 10% to KDY, SoroSubb Corporation- large shipment of weaponry and grenades to Carridan/ 10% diverted to KDY.

'Where did they get this?', Jarrod wondered, 'How?'

"Well??", prodded Davaire.

"I still haven't heard a real good reason to change employers.", said Jarrod.

Davaire leaned in even closer, "Do you think that Espo security treats hackers kindly on Etti IV?"

After a really long pause, Jarrod sighed heavily and said, "Where do I sign up for this benefit package?"

"I knew you'd see it my way.", a relieved Colmar said. Standing up and snatching up the data pad he said, "Don't worry, we'll be in touch.", and he walked away leaving Jarrod to fume.

"My life is getting worse all the time.", muttered Jarrod to himself as he gulped down the last of his drink.