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Player Characters

Star Wars

Rebellion Era

Lords of the Expanse Campaign

WEG D6 (GM: Dave)

The Beginning Of The Hunt

"Come on Loookiii, slow down!", shouted Murrith as she struggled to keep up.

"No, you must learn to run with the big cats!", Loookiii shouted back while sprinting at high speed across the great plains of Togoria.

The two life-mates silently twisted back and forth playfully in a sort of strange dance, sprinting in zig-zags and circles as the systems sun, Thanos, was beginning to rise over the horizon.

Finally in one great leap Murrith caught up with Loookiii and tackled him. They ended up in a ball of writhing muscular arms and legs, rolling head over claw and nipping at each others ears with their needle-sharp teeth with the tenderness of two playful cubs. They lay back on their backs and closed their slit-pupiled eyes to absorb the warmth of the morning sun.

They lay like that for a few hours and finally Murrith got up and let out a sharp, high-pierced cry.

"Not yet, my mate.", moaned Loookiii, "Why so soon?"

"Some of us have duties to attend to.", Murrith said with a grin.

Soon their transportation arrived and flew down to meet the Togorians. Their flying lizard mounts, Mosgoths, settled down next to them and Murrith quickly climbed aboard. Loookiii got up and reluctently did the same.

"Oh, my love,", began Murrith, " I have something I meant to tell you."

"Yes, my mate, and what is that?", asked Loookiii.

"You are going to be a Father!", Murrith said as she spurred her Mosgoth to flight.

"I'm . . . gonna. . . be. . .", stammered Loookiii. "Yaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!!!", he screamed out in happiness as he spurred his Mosgoth.

Presently, the two life mates began their approach to their home city of Caross. They both noticed some strange off world vessels parked near the city. Strange three-vertically winged vessels. They landed their Mosgoth's outside the city and walked the rest of the way in. On their way in, they saw several more of the tri-winged vessels come down about where the other vessels had previously landed. There also was a few large "boxy" looking things that landed too.

When they got to the town square they found their ruler, the Margrave and his mate talking with two gray uniformed humans. The square was filled with Togarians of both sexes. Around the perimeter of the square as well as flanking the two gray uniformed humans, were many beings in some kind of white shell. All of the white shells and humans had blaster rifles. There was a tenseness to the square that Loookiii could feel. Like walking into a room after an intense argument between two people. Although Loookiii couldn't hear what was being said, he definitely got the point of what began to occur next. One of the gray uniformed humans raised his blaster rifle and shot the Margrave point blank. Suddenly the whole square was filled with red bolts of death lancing out into the crowd. Togarians were falling everywhere. The ones that remained finally gathered their wits and attacked the white shells with a vengence.

Loookiii didn't stick around much longer. He reached out to grab Murrith but she was gone. He frantically glanced around and spied her bounding into the fray straight for the house where Murrith's mother lived.

"Bist!!", growled Loookiii as he bounded in after her.

Murrith went right up to the nearest white shell and with one big swipe of her claw, she cut him down. She then barreled her way to the door of the house.

Loookiii was not too far behind, but suddenly two white shells got in his way. He reached out with his left paw and ripped the blaster rifle from one of them before he had a chance to use it. He slashed the other with his right claw. The one he slashed fell, so, turning his attention to the remaining one he reached out and yanked the white shell right off the ground and over his head. Out of his left eye he caught the movement of two more troopers and Loookiii unceremoniously threw the flailing white shell into his brethern.

Suddenly from behind him, Loookiii, heard some metallic thuds and clanks. Before he could turn around, searing bolts of energy began crashing all around him and everywhere else in the square. Homes began to explode as the bolts hit and debris cascaded everywhere.

Loookiii turned toward his destination just in time to see Murrith arrive at the door with her mother. Then a red bolt of death pounded into the doorway, incinerating both females where they stood.

"Noooo!!!!!!", screamed Loookiii, paralyzed with shock over what he had seen.

Too late, he felt the blaster bolt sear through his back near the base of his neck. Too late, he felt another energy bolt hit him on the side making him spin around and fall to the ground. He looked up at the sky and wondered why he could not move to crush more white shells. The last thing he saw before losing consiousness was a gray uniformed human looking down at him.

* * *

Six months later the Duros captain of a freighter sat across from a Togorian in a spacers cantina on Togoria in the city of Caross.

"So, what's in this for me and how you going to pay?", said the Duros.

"I'll pay with thith.", said the Togorian as he dumped a stack of credits on the table out of a pouch he had clipped to his belt. "That thould be more than enough for pathage off thith planet."

Picking at the credits the Duros said, "Yeah, this looks good but it depends on where you want to go."

"You take me where the Rebellion ith!", said the Togorian.

"That's gonna be mighty hard fella, considering they don't just wait around at a public speeder station somewhere waiting for beings to show up.", the Duros replied.

The Togorian growled back, "Look, I pay you plenty! I help you on a few runth and I earn my way till I get information I need. Loookiii take care of himthelf!"

"OK, OK!", the Duros put both his hands up in front of him as if for protection. "You can come." "Hey ahh,", the Duros hesitently began as he pocketed the credits, "look, no offense, but you talk pretty good Basic for a Togorian."

As they both stood up to leave, Loookiii said, "Why would I take offenth to that?"

"Well, you know. . . ," the Duros gingerly replied, "I mean you still kinda . . . ,"

"Talk funny!", Loookiii growled menacingly.

"No, no, no,", the Duros stammered, "you talk just fine."

"You know, Duroth,",Loookiii put his big paw casually around the Duros' shoulder, "I think I'm gonna like you juth fine too!"