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Player Characters

Star Wars

Rebellion Era

Lords of the Expanse Campaign

WEG D6 (GM: Dave)

The Killing Ground

Clash! The two lightsabers clashed in heated battle. The opponents separated and then began to circle each other like Kryat Dragons fighting over the same egg. The one man was wearing a loose fitting grey tunic and twirled the amber colored lightsaber in a circle in front of him, clearly enjoying the confrontation and eagerly anticipating the next move. His opponent, a brown cloaked Duros, waved a violet colored lightsaber back and forth in front of him trying to focus on his opponents next move. The Duros seemed to be tired.

Suddenly, the amber lightsaber swung in a low arch, nearly to the ground and the grey tunic clad warrior swept his blade from left to right in a blow designed to cut the Duros' legs from under him. The Duros recognized the threat and using the Force he lept above the cut and swung his own violet hued lightsaber down to hack into the top of the head of the man.

The amber colored blade never finished its' swing as it suddenly bolted straight up to deflect the Duros' attack. At the same time the man used the Force to shove his already leaping and off-balanced foe back 5 meters to the ground. The Duros hit the ground and the man immediately pressed his attack as he used the Force to leap to where the Duros lay. The man reached out with the Force into the mind of his opponent to feel the panic and soon, the pain. The man swung his amber lightsaber down and across in a slashing stroke from the left shoulder to the right side of the Duros, killing him before the Duros could even raise his saber in defense.

The grey clad man stood for a moment over his fallen foe as his Master, Gryduli slowly walked up.

"Good, good!", Gryduli said, "I sensed that you enjoyed that Stave!"

"Yes, Master, I did!", Stave Am'bor said, still panting heavily from the combat.

"We now leave for the Tapani Sector.", said Gryduli. "There we will meet with agents from House Mecetti that will aid us in our strike at House Pelagia to rid that sector of the hated Jedi!"

"Will you continue my training on the way there Master?", asked Stave. "I have learned so much in such a short time."

"Oh, yes, my pupil.", Gryduli replied. "I need you at the peak of performance if I am to have you do my bidding."

The dark pair quickly walked to the waiting shuttle to transport them to the next killing ground.

* * *

They arrived in Tapani Sector at Tallaan and then went to Procopia. The Mecetti agents met them and the plans were finalized. House Mecetti aided the Dark Jedi on their unholy quest to move from one planet to the next, exterminating the nuisance that was the Jedi.

At each system it was the same. The Imperial ships of the Dark Jedi would arrive in system, followed by several House Mecetti warships. Communications were cut off and no traffic was allowed into or out of the system. Then the "sanitizing" would begin. The Dark Jedi and his trained Dark minions would arrive on the planet at pre-determined coordinates and hunt down the Jedi and his/her family. House Pelagia was known for its' deep Jedi bloodlines. No family and their bloodline was safe. All leads on the current family bloodlines were compiled and followed up on. The Empire was very thorough.

Finally, after Mecetti agents had broken through and disabled Pelagon's planetary shield, the final assault on Pelagon began. . .

* * *

"Shields up to full strength, Lieutenant.", said Captain Nefen Ilario, "Move the Reyna around to block any ships that try to leave our sector. Let's see if they can get past an Imperial Star Destroyer!"

The Dark Jedi and his minion stood at a nearby viewport on the bridge, looking out on the progress of the invasion fleet.

"Master, do you feel the panic and pain as I do?", asks Stave excitedly.

"Yes.", says Gryduli simply. "Can you sense something else my apprentice?", the Dark Jedi asks contemplatively.

Taken aback by the change in direction from his Master, Stave hesitently replies, "No, my Master. The only thing I can sense is the pain of the people dying below us."

"Try!!", Gryduli snaps at Stave. "By all the Sith Lords, Stave, you must open yourself up to sense other things around you and be constantly vigilant to other threats! This penchant you have for focusing your entire being on the destruction of your foe will be your undoing!" Gryduli reprimanded.

"Doubtful!", Stave snapped back angrily. "Maybe the Master needs a demonstration of my abilities!", Stave says as the snap-hiss sound of the lightsaber igniting stuns the bridge crew into motionless silence.

Stave twirled the amber pulsating blade in a deft circle around his right hand and then made a stabbing gesture with the blade to Gryduli's mid-section. Suddenly, the lightsaber is yanked out of Stave's hand by an unseen force and flung across the bridge. Stave next feels an incredible burning sensation creeping throughout his whole body. Angrily, Stave reaches out with the Force and pulls a blaster pistol from a nearby guard, summoning it to his hand. It never made it as the blaster diverted its' path from Stave to wind up hovering in front of Gryduli.

Still looking out the viewport, Gryduli calmly said, "Do you feel warm, foolish one?"

Suddenly, Stave buckles over and drops to the floor of the bridge in intense agony as the burning sensation went careening out of control through his whole body. He felt like he was experiencing a Ryloth heat storm, only from the inside out.

Only then did Gryduli turn around to confront Stave. Looking down at the writhing Stave he said, "You will NEVER do that again! The next time YOU WILL die!" In the next instant, Stave was released from the burning feeling and Gryduli snapped his attention back to the motionless bridge crew. Gryduli yelled, "Captain, scan that departing ship. I believe you will discover that the children of Pelagon High Lord Theus Paddox are aboard."

The Captain and the rest of the bridge crew were startled out of their trance of the fight between the two Dark Jedi. They realized that Gryduli was referring to a ship rapidly leaving their zone of coverage. The ship was obviously getting ready to jump to lightspeed but a quick scan of the ship revealed that Gryduli appeared to be correct.

As Stave tried to recover from the burning sensation by turning to the Force to control his pain, Gryduli stormed off the bridge in anger and disgust.