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Star Wars

Rebellion Era

Lords of the Expanse Campaign

WEG D6 (GM: Dave)

Escape (page 1)

The bulky, pale white Herglic stood facing the viewport staring out at blank space where only moments before a bacta transport had been engaged in a battle with some of the Herglic's own ships. The other humans and Herglic's located in the bridge area were respectfully quiet, in anticipation of an impending outburst that usually accompanied such a failure on the part of the crew to catch or destroy their quarry.

The Herglic spun, surprisingly quickly for one of such bulk, on his oversized heels, and snapped at the gray Herglic manning the sensor station, "Activate the Neuro-Saav and immediately scan to pick up their trail and send the coordinates to the astrogation station for analysis so we can give chase to my property and the thieves that stole it!" "Yes sir!", the gray Herglic said, as he began the scan of the area the bacta transport had just vacated. "When you arrive at a solution to their projected direction," the pale white Herglic said to the human officer manning the astrogation station, "notify me in my quarters!" "Yes sir!", the human said. Beginning the lumbering walk to the turbolift, the Herglic said to the large rock-looking Vaathkree standing near him, "Valka, I wish for you to accompany me to my room."

"Yes, Hamar." said Valka as he began to follow his employer to the turbolift.

"Tinlan, you now have the bridge.", Hamar said to the human standing near the communication console, as the Herglic drew up his elaborate robes around his bulky frame so he could move more quickly to the turbolift.

The two decesended in the turbolift to the deck where Hamar's room was located. It was a quiet ride as Hamar was pensive about what had just happened. Valka had no desire to disturb his employer's reverie so he kept his thoughts to himself.

When the turbolift doors swished open, Hamar again gathered his robes around him and stalked down the hall to his quarters, with Valka trailing right behind him. As Hamar entered his chamber he went to a cabinet, opened it and pulled out a large cup and then went over to the food prep unit to pour himself a cup of water. Not bothering to offer anything to Valka, Hamar then found the nearest chair and plopped himself into it.

"Pisons!" he spat. "Dirty, rotten, no-good pisons! They stole everything out from under me! My bacta, my freighter, they even kept my fighters!"

"I told you not to trust stinking Rebel sympathizers." Valka said.

Apparently ignoring Valka's remarks, Hamar didn't say anything for a while, seemingly lost in thought. Idly drumming his three thick fingers of his free hand on the armrest of his chair, Hamar muttered, "300,000 credits. Even more likely over 300,000 credits, gone, just gone."